Oaxaca Street Food Tour
Vegan Food Tour Oaxaca

What are we Gonna Do?

Vegan Food Tour Oaxaca from Oaxaca Street Food Tour is our option to accommodate vegan folks that want to enjoy the flavors of our city. Join us to explore the delicious options and try new plant-based food without leaving the flavor out. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just interested in trying plant-based meals, this vegan food tour is a great way to experience the local cuisine.

We will visit markets and businesses that are vegan-friendly. We will take you on a walk around the city, sharing information about the history and culture around food but also insights and recommendation of the vegan food scene.

You can also learn about new ingredients that you may not have tried before. You can also meet other vegans and exchange tips and ideas for living a plant-based lifestyle.

If you’re ready to take our vegan food tour, also make sure to fully inform us about any food allergies or restrictions. We got you!

Our vegan food tour is a fun and educational way to explore the city and try new plant-based foods. So why not give it a try?

Vegan Food Tour Oaxaca

$1,500.00 4 hours


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