Oaxaca Street Food Tour

Eating with a Local at the Markets

$1,500.00 4 hours


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Eat with a Local at the Markets of Oaxaca

What are we Gonna Do?

I grew up in Benito Juárez Market, which is located in the heart of Oaxaca City. My family has been serving food for over 20 years there. The colors and smells of the market inspired me to share my love for Oaxaca’s gastronomy.

We will visit three of the most popular markets in Oaxaca Historical Center. I will show you why I fell in love with them.

La Cosecha Organic Market is committed to supporting local producers and cooks. They offer a central space where they can sell their products and food. This market transport you to a traditional and intimate site where you can enjoy the highlight dishes of Oaxaca away from the crowds.

20 de Noviembre Market is the most popular food market in Oaxaca City, we will stroll around, and discover why. With over 100 years of tradition, this market is the home of Mole. Our most beloved and well-preserved ancestral dish. In this market, we will also visit the famous Pasillo de Humo, known for the grilled Oaxacan meat, I will guide you to learn how to order meat and sites without the stress of getting lost in the process.

Our last stop will be Benito Juárez Market, my second home. With over 120 years of traditions, it hosts hundreds of local artisans, producers, and cooks. I will take you with my family and the place where I grew up, so you can try my Grandmother’s Barbacoa recipe.

We will also visit some food hidden gems of Oaxaca City carefully curated by me so you can feel like a local.