Oaxaca Street Food Tour

Central de Abastos Food Tour

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Oaxaca Street Food Tour. Mercado de Abastos

What are we Gonna Do?

Mercado Margarita Maza de Juárez, or better known as Mercado de Abastos is the biggest market in Oaxaca City. Located at South-West on the city, only 15 minutes walking distance from Zocalo. the word Abastos means to supply, wich means this market is where people from all around the city comes to supply their homes and restaurants with different products such as food, fruits, vegetables, textiles, leather, Mezcal, dairy, and much more.

Thinking about exploring it by yoursef could be challenging considering its extension -over 16 hectares-, and not talking about finding the best spots and stalls to discover the inmense variety of food and drinks this market has to offer. During this tour that is exactly what we´ll be doing, walking all around eating and drinking its delicious food and drinks and also visiting the craft areas where local Maestros and Maestras Artesanxs offer their products directly from their workshops.

We approach the markets in Oaxaca in a respectful way. In the latests years there has been an increase of tours, chefs, influencers and personalities that come to the markets of Oaxaca with extraction and exotization purposes. Considering that Oaxaca is one of the states of Mexico with more poverty contrasts. We, all the guides that work in Oaxaca Street Food Tour are fully aware of these issues and focus on a culture sharing and encounter.

The Abastos Market has a fame that the Oaxaca elites has been building, making it look like a place you wouldn’t like to go. Nothing more away from reality, this is a safe place where local families make a living every single day starting even from 3-4am and hard work happens. If you want to take photos, feel free to do so. If you want to portrait people, please be respectful and ask permission first.

This is an excellent opportunity to go away from the turist areas and come to see a more authentic Oaxaca and enjoy the authentic gastronomy just the way locals do.