Tours de Comida en Oaxaca


Mercados en Oaxaca

Markets in Oaxaca. Where to eat Markets during Mexico’s story are crucial not only for the economy but also for society. As a result, a Market is a place where you can find fresh fruits and veggies, a wild variety of handcraft, textiles, pottery, and of course, food.Here you have a list of traditional Markets […]

Comida Oaxaqueña, 20 Platillos a Probar en 2020

Oaxaca Food, 20 Dishes to Try in 2020 Are you planning to visit Oaxaca this 2020? You may need to know why Oaxaca food is one of the highlights of Mexico. Let me introduce you to the Traditional food of Oaxaca.Here, you can find a list of the most traditional and delicious dishes local people […]